Harvest Relish


It is almost Halloween in our Sunnyvale garden. The tomato, pepper and cucumber plants are just going through the motions: The tomato plant has a few flowers but there are no pollinators. The green fruit is still green. The peppers are ever so slowly turning red. The night-time lows are more often below 50 degrees than above. And it rained ... Read More »

Rice Frittata


I’m getting pretty good with these frittatas. This rice frittata uses eggs, milk, cheese, and rice with some tomato, green sauce, and spices. Each serving has the equivalent of 1 egg, 1/4 cup milk, 1/2 cup rice, 1/4 cheese. The dish tastes good hot from the oven or cool from the refrigerator. Serves: 4 Time to prepare: 15 minutes Time ... Read More »

Hatch Chile Green Sauce


There are two constants in New Mexico cuisine. The first is unspoken: you get a sopapilla with every meal. The second is a question: green or red? Unlike California, with its various salsas and hot sauces, New Mexico uses green sauce and red sauce, both from the Hatch Chile. I mean it: There is no bottles of hot sauce on ... Read More »

Tomato Tart


It is August so that means tomatoes. I was worried in July: A pair of squirrels were eating so many of the early varieties of tomatoes. But my strategy of over-abundance has worked out. I have 45 plants and more tomatoes than the squirrels know what to do with. I have a lot of beefsteaks and oxheart tomatoes now. A ... Read More »

Marionberry Jam


You can only eat so many blackberries in two weeks. We have been eating them fresh. We have been making galettes. So now we are making jam. Ingredients: Note this receipe makes about 8 jars Marionberries and/or blackberries (about two and one-half pounds) 6 1/2 cups sugar Ball Liquid Fruit Pectin pouch You will need: Boiling water canning pot or ... Read More »

Blackberry Galette


Every summer when the fruit is ripe, we make galettes. A galette is a free-form pie shell.  It can be sweet from fruit or savory like a pizza. Our first galette for 2017 has 4 cups of blackberries and marionberries. Pie shell Ingredients 1 1/3 cup all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 stick of unsalted butter, cut into cubes 1/4 ... Read More »

Steamed Artichokes


It’s June 1 and these are the last of our artichokes. We had two plants: a Roma and a Violetta (instead of the usual Green Globe). I harvested the first flowerhead of each plant in early May. These are the secondary heads. This has been an experiment. I tried a few times before. Each plant was in a medium container ... Read More »

Basil Garlic-Scape Pesto


I always grow lots of garlic and elephant garlic in our Sunnyvale Garden. During their growing season, all of them start to develop stalks (called scapes) with flower heads. If you want larger garlic heads, then cut off the scapes before the flower head blossoms. You can use the garlic-scapes as a mild version of garlic in many recipes. This ... Read More »

Spinach Rice Frittata


Whether you call this a frittata or a casserole, it is still delicious. There are also many types of substitutions you can make. You can use any kind of rice or cheese. You can substitute some ham or canadian bacon for some cheese. Preparation time about 30 minutes; Serves 12; About 275 calories per serving Ingredients 4 cups cooked rice ... Read More »



Whether you call them empanadas or turnovers or cornish pasties, these little pastries are delicious. You make the dough and add all types of fillings. Empanada Dough can be made quickly in the food processor to use immediately or store for later meals. You are going to love making your own empanadas with fresh ingredients. They are perfect when you ... Read More »