Scarlet Runner Beans


Another first for 2017: Scarlet Runner Beans. Normally I plant all beans in the early spring. But this year I found a packet of beans in June. So I planted them with the daphnes, that way both could climb the tower trellis. The beans grew in the shade of the apricot tree. The flowers were pretty during July. Then one ... Read More »

Violetto Artichoke Plant


From the north of Italy, the artichoke of aristocrats. This choke has small oval slightly elongated head 3 inches wide by 5 inches long. mouthwatering flavor. Fruit is more elongated than the green globe type. The edible thistle first appeared in Italy and Sicily as early as 200-300 B.C. It may be a descendant of C. cardunculus, the wild cardoon ... Read More »

Spaghetti Squash


In 2016 we tried growing Spaghetti squash in our Sunnyvale garden. Because we grow almost everything in containers, we got a bush variety (Tivoli) that does not sprawl all that much. Our container was wide but shallow. This resulted in fewer fruit. There is a long time till harvest. Spaghetti squash is a hard gourd, like pumpkin, so you cannot ... Read More »

Elephant Garlic May 2015

Elephant Garlic May 2015

I have not planted elephant garlic in the front yard in ten years. The plants continue to produce every year. Mostly from child bulbs on the parent. But sometimes from seeds dispersed from the flower heads. This year, I harvested about half of the garlic. Wash off the dirt. Dry for an hour or so. Cut off the foliage about ... Read More »



Rhubarb is a perennial vegetable that grows well in most of the United States. Rhubarb is used in pies, tarts and sauces. Rhubarb should be planted at the end of one side of the garden where it will not be disturbed since it may be productive for five years or more. A half-dozen plants will provide enough rhubarb for a ... Read More »

Carrots – Circus Circus

Circus circus carrots

This trio of colored carrots are creamy white, bright orange, and a deep, dark purple with orange centers. All three are crisp, smooth and evenly cylindral, growing to 8 inches long for a colorful harvest of festive roots. Their flavor is reliably sweet with a nice crunchy texture and you’ll enjoy this mix over a long season. Cut all three ... Read More »

Turnip – Mikado


Fast growing baby turnips with crisp, pearly-white flesh, mild flavor, and tasty tops. Sourced from Japan, for Enjoy them sliced up raw for green salads and crunchy snacks or quickly stirfry, saute, or roast them whole in the oven. They cook in minutes. Mikado’s tasty and notritious tops make fine cooked greens. in early spring, as soon as ground ... Read More »



Early White Vienna Kohlrabi. Grows best and tastes sweeter when grown in cold weather. Plant in winter in Sunnyvale. For continuous harvest, plant every two weeks. Sow in full sun for two weeks before last frost date. Keep evenly moist. Harvest bulbs when they reach about two to three inches in width. Seed depth: 1/2 inch Plant spacing: 6 inches ... Read More »

Kale – Nero Toscano


Cold-hardy and resilient, kale is an easy member of the cabbage family to grow. In Sunnyvale (USDA Zone 9) plant the seeds in November (right before the winter rains). You can set out plants quite early in spring as long as you protect the young plants from severe cold winds with a cover. They will grow steadily for months until ... Read More »