This Sunnyvale Garden – October 2017


We were busy during October so there are few photos of the Sunnyvale garden during the month. The fall flowers of Mums, Rudbeckia, and Candy Corn were a bright note. The Cordyline provides a pretty red foliage year round. The last of the chile peppers were harvested. I also harvested the last of the tomatoes (all unripe) and made a ... Read More »

This Sunnyvale Garden – September 2017


September in our Sunnyvale garden is all about harvest. I planted an heirloom watermelon “Moon and the Stars” late in the spring. I love that the “Moon and the Stars” pattern is in the leaves.         At harvest time, the melon had grown over the pot to the ground about six feet away and got to about ... Read More »

This Sunnyvale Garden – August 2017


August is always the easiest month in our Sunnyvale garden. While your attention is on lots of other things, the garden continues to grow. Our garden has dozens of plants that attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees. Here, a carpenter bee is enjoying a flower on one of the Butterfly bushes. Native to North America, gaura (Gaura lindheimeri)┬áis a gorgeous, low-maintenance ... Read More »

Purple Trumpet Vine Pod


As I was searching for ripe tomatoes among the tomato plants, I discovered this large strange pod. It is the pod for Purple Trumpet Vine. I have grown this vine for 15 years but have never noticed the pod. The example for the oversight is that it appears during peak tomato season and the vine is obscured by the full ... Read More »

This Sunnyvale Garden – July 2017


I was vacationing in the Pacific Northwest for 2 weeks in July so my eyes and ears are filled with the sensations and memories of elsewhere. So I relied on the 3 drip irrigation systems at home watering over 100 plants. Marie was spared the burden of mass watering. The most frustration is due to squirrels eating the ripening tomatoes. ... Read More »

This Sunnyvale Garden – June 2017


June is always the most intense month in our Sunnyvale garden. All at once the berries and stone fruits (apricots, plums, nectarines) are ripe. Meanwhile the citrus (lemons and limes) still are available. The tomato plants, all 45 of them, are producing fruit with a few ripe ones. My chile plants (8 varieties) are productng fruit. The early season ones ... Read More »

Buddleia ‘Butterfly Bush’


We have grown Buddleia in containers in our Sunnyvale garden for ten years.The purple flower panicle when it starts blooming in June is very beautiful. Unfortunately for Buddleia, as the year progresses, other flowers and fruits distract us. Buddleja, or Buddleia, commonly known as the butterfly bush, is a genus comprising over 140 species of flowering plants endemic to Asia, ... Read More »

Brodiaea laxa – 2017


Brodiaea laxa is commonly known as the triplet lily, grassnut lily, or wild hyacinth. This perennial bulb is a native wildflower to California, growing wild in evergreen woodlands. Locally, it is found in places like Edgewood Preserve on the San Mateo County peninsula and Almaden Quicksilver County Park. Grass-like leaves appear first, followed by clusters of light blue blossoms reaching ... Read More »

Fennel 2017


We have had fennel in our Sunnyvale garden since 2001. It reseeds easily. Any place you don’t want it, just pull it up. The feathery leaves remind me of dill and it has a nice scent. The small yellow flowers appear on the ends of each umbrella. If you want to eat the Fennel bulb then make sure you get ... Read More »

This Sunnyvale Garden – May 2017


May in the Sunnyvale garden is always full. the citrus trees have finished their blossoms and the small green fruits are showing. The flowers transition from spring to summer. The apricots are larger but still green. Tomato plants are full of blossoms and green small fruits. Artichokes can be harvested twice this month. Unripe blackberry fruits are everywhere. Godetia, mega ... Read More »