Fermented Ghost Sauce

I wanted more hot peppers in my Sunnyvale garden this year and I got them: Yellow habanero peppers; Red Savina peppers; thai peppers; and ghost peppers. Now I am trying a fermented hot sauce. If you have ever had Tabasco or Sriracha, then you have had fermented hot sauce. Fermenting is not difficult and it is safe. Lacto-fermentation is the ... Read More »

Beet Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

So I have a lot of ghost peppers and am always looking for uses. This Beet hot sauce combines roasted red beets and red onions for sweetness, red wine vinegar for tartness and preservation, red bell pepper for mildness and redundant redness, and of course ghost peppers. I only used 2 peppers in this edition. For more info on growing ... Read More »

Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie

I don’t remember ever eating a rhubarb dessert in my life. But the idea was always intriging…A celery like vegetable with a tart taste often paired with sweet fruit like strawberry. A few years ago I purchased a plant as a novelty. I grow it in a large pot since I have limited ground area. Our rhubarb plant finally got ... Read More »

Sweet Bergamo Italian pepper

  DOLCE DE BERGAMO The versatile sweet Dolce De Bergamo chile pepper can be utilized in both fresh and cooked applications. Its thin skin and flesh make it ideal for preparing blistered, fried in olive oil and served with sea salt as a finger food. In my version, after frying the peppers, I grilled some sourdough bread and served with ... Read More »

Horseradish Sauce 2018

You have got to try making your own horseradish sauce at least once. Note: This is a recipe for small households. See this link about harvesting your Horseradish. Ingredients: Horseradish root Salt (half a teaspoon or so) White vinegar (a few tablespoons) Read More »

Olive-Anchovy-Capers Tapenade

The photo does not do justify to this olive-anchovy-capers tapenade. I used Mission olives that I harvested from my folk’s backyard and then cured at home.The olives were still tasty and not deadly. From Tapenade is named after capers, called tapeno in Provençal, a remnant of the fact that they once shared equal status with the olives. Truth is, ... Read More »

Dried Hachiya Persimmons

During our Thanksgiving dinner at Shauna’s home, Linda and Brad mentioned that they had a lot of persimmons. I joked that they would ring our doorbell and leave a box of fruit. Linda corrected me: She wouldn’t ring the doorbell. They left us a box with 36 large Hachiya persimmons. Dehydrating persimmons is simple. Wash the fruit. Core the top ... Read More »

Harvest Relish

It is almost Halloween in our Sunnyvale garden. The tomato, pepper and cucumber plants are just going through the motions: The tomato plant has a few flowers but there are no pollinators. The green fruit is still green. The peppers are ever so slowly turning red. The night-time lows are more often below 50 degrees than above. And it rained ... Read More »

Rice Frittata

I’m getting pretty good with these frittatas. This rice frittata uses eggs, milk, cheese, and rice with some tomato, green sauce, and spices. Each serving has the equivalent of 1 egg, 1/4 cup milk, 1/2 cup rice, 1/4 cheese. The dish tastes good hot from the oven or cool from the refrigerator. Serves: 4 Time to prepare: 15 minutes Time ... Read More »

Hatch Chile Green Sauce

There are two constants in New Mexico cuisine. The first is unspoken: you get a sopapilla with every meal. The second is a question: green or red? Unlike California, with its various salsas and hot sauces, New Mexico uses green sauce and red sauce, both from the Hatch Chile. I mean it: There is no bottles of hot sauce on ... Read More »