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Tomato – Marianna’s Peace

Pink heirloom tomato that originated in Czechoslovakia. 1-2 lb., pink beefsteak tomatoes. Dense, creamy, sweet flesh with rich complex, old tomatoey flavors. Great gift for the tomato love Days: 85 Size: Indeterminate Color: Pink Season: Late-Season Type: Heirloom Purchased from www.tomatofest.com Read More »

Tomato – Brandywine

Around 1880 a Mrs. Sudduth of Tennessee gave seeds said to be in her family for 100 years, to tomato seedsman, Ben Quisenberry of Ohio. Prolific potato leaf plant producing 1-2 lb. large, pink fruit. This is a strain that Craig LeHoullier believes is of the original Brandywine. Excellent flavor! Days: 85 Size: Indeterminate Color: Pink Season: Late-Season Type: Heirloom ... Read More »

Tomato – Yellow Beefsteak

Outstanding 1-2 lb. yellow/orange beefsteak tomato named for gardener and seedsman Chuck Wyatt. A dependable and prolific producer of large, meaty, deliciously sweet tomatoes. Planted: 2014 Days: 77 Size: Indeterminate Color: Yellow-Orange Season: Mid-Season Type: Heirloom From Read More »

Tomato – Mortgage Lifter

Developed by M.C. Byles in the 1930s, this heirloom tomato remains very much in demand in the Mid-Atlantic states. Mr. Byles, affectionately known as “Radiator Charlie” earned his nickname from the radiator repair business he opened at the foot of a steep hill on which trucks would often overheat. Radiator Charlie, who had no formal education or plant breeding experience, ... Read More »

Tomato – Gary Ibsen Gold

Gary Ibsen Gold tomato

Tomato seeds for this tall, leafy variety were sent to Gary Ibsen in 1990 from a gardener in Boone County, WV who shared that he had been growing these, and a favorite red variety for 40 years. He was given the tomato seeds from his Uncle who had grown them in Tennessee. Potato leaf plant produces lots of very juicy, ... Read More »

Tomato – Amana Orange

Huge heirloom beefsteak tomato named for the Amana Colonies in Iowa. These organic tomato seeds produce big, regular leaf plants that produce above average amounts of beautiful light-orange, irregular shaped (fluted) heirloom tomatoes that can grow to 2 pounds or more, with an average diameter of 5 inches. Excellent sweet, almost  tropical fruit flavors. Planted: 2014 Days: 90 Size: Indeterminate Color: Yellow-Orange Season: Late-Season ... Read More »

Tomato – Marvel Striped

Beefsteak originally from Oaxaca, Mexico. Largest of the bi-colored tomatoes. May get over 4-inches and 2 pounds. Sweet, mild fruity flavors. First Planted: 2013 Days: 95 Size: Indeterminate Color: Bi-Colored Season: Late-Season Type: Heirloom From Read More »

Tomato – Armenian

From tomato collector Charlotte Mullens of West Virginia. Large flattish yellow and orange tomato with some red marbling. A bi-colored beefsteak with great flavor and unusually strong flavors for a bi-colored. First Planted: 2013 Days: 90 Size: Indeterminate Color: Bi-Colored Season: Late-Season Type: Heirloom From Read More »

Tomato – Lithuanian Crested Pink

An heirloom tomato plant with regular, wispy foliage producing a good yield of, 10-16 oz., pink, heart-shaped fruits. Meaty flesh, very sweet flavors. Fruit size varies. A good salad tomato, sandwich tomato or sauce tomato. First Planted: 2013 Days: 85 Size: Indeterminate Color: Pink Season: Mid-Season Type: Heirloom From Read More »

Tomato – Vintage Wine

A wonderful new addition to your garden. Pink with gold-striped,  pastel-hued, 1 lb. tomato with pronounced, elegant sweet delicious flavor. Tall potato-leaf plant producing lots of fruit. First Planted : 2013 Days: 84 Size: Indeterminate. Color: Bi-Colored Season: Late-Season From Read More »