Sweet Bergamo Italian pepper

  DOLCE DE BERGAMO The versatile sweet Dolce De Bergamo chile pepper can be utilized in both fresh and cooked applications. Its thin skin and flesh make it ideal for preparing blistered, fried in olive oil and served with sea salt as a finger food. In my version, after frying the peppers, I grilled some sourdough bread and served with ... Read More »

Hatch Chiles

Okay, these chiles are not from my Sunnyvale garden, but I want to share… The official New Mexico state question is “Red or Green?”. The Hatch chile peppers are grown in the Hatch valley, and along the entire Rio Grande, from northern Taos Pueblo to southern Isleta Pueblo, are a signature crop to New Mexico’s economy and culture. The chile ... Read More »

Hardy Jalapeno

Sunnyvale, CA, USDA Zone 9, Wednesday February 17 2016. I have a Jalapeno pepper bush and salad greens that survived the brutal El Nino winter (lowest temp: 33). Yesterday’s high was 81. As I munch on a homegrown jalapeno tangerine salad and watch my pineapple growing, I wonder if there is anything to this global warming thing? Read More »

Chile – Habanero Chocolate

If you like serious smoky sweet heat, step right up Chocolate habaneros are even spicier than the Red Savina with unique earthy and smoky undertones that complement their typical habanero sweetness. Chocolate habaneros are hotter than regular habaneros? They are. In terms of the Scoville scale, chocolate habaneros tend to hit around 425,000 – 577,000 Scoville heat units. That can ... Read More »

Chile – Yolo Wonder

Yolo Wonder Bell Pepper, chile

The YOLO WONDER bell pepper was developed in Yolo County just west of Sacramento in Northern California. YOLO WONDER – sweet; Bell Elongated Type; 3.5 to 4 inches long by 3 to 3.75 inches wide; thick flesh; matures from dark green to red; pendant pods; green leaves; 24 to 30 inches tall; Mid Season (70-80 days); dependable producer; C.annuum. Sweet ... Read More »

Chile – Corno di Toro

Corno de Toros are a beautiful, long, dark-red heirloom Italian pepper. 6-10 inches long, twisted or curved and pointed on the end. These deep crimson beauties are very sweet and intensely ‘peppery’. They’re a perfect roasting pepper-their skins blacken nicely, and shed easily–and are also good raw in salads. In my opinion the flavor of Corno de Toros is superior ... Read More »

Chile – Serrano

Serrano Chile Pepper

Serrano chiles look like slender jalapenos. They are typically eaten raw and have a bright and biting flavor that is notably hotter than the jalapeño pepper. Serrano peppers are commonly used in making pico de gallo, and salsa, as the chili is particularly fleshy compared to others, making it ideal for such dishes. The Scoville rating of the serrano pepper ... Read More »

Chile – Padron

Padrón peppers (Spanish: pimientos de Padrón) are a variety of peppers (Capsicum annuum) from the municipality of Padrón in the province of La Coruña, northwestern Spain. These are small peppers, with a color ranging from bright green to yellowish green. Their peculiarity lies on the fact that, while their taste is usually mild, a minority (10-25%) are particularly hot. Whether ... Read More »

Chile – Jalapeno

It’s easy to grow jalapenos in Sunnyvale. Plant them in April and you will have a continuous harvest from June on. The jalapeño (Castilian Spanish pronunciation: [xalaˈpeɲo], Mexican Spanish pronunciation: [halaˈpeɲo]) is a medium to large size chile which is prized for its warm, burning sensation when eaten. When ripe, the jalapeño can be 2–3½ inches (5–9 cm) long. It ... Read More »

Chile – Purple Cayenne

The Purple Cayenne produces dark purple fruits that are about 4-6 inches long and are very hot. Great when used in salsas or stir fry. They can also be pickled and some people just grow them as an ornamental pepper. The flavor is slightly sweeter than the red variety of cayenne. Purple Cayenne chile plants grow just over two feet ... Read More »