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Few exotic trees are as widely cultivated and versatile as the Acacia tree. While there are more than 800 species of the Acacia trees around the world, most feature small, finely divided green leaflets that give the stalk a fernlike appearance. Another distinguishing appearance of the Acacia tree is its blossoms. The small, fragrant flowers are: Pea-shaped Arranged in compact …

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Citrus 2016

Our Sunnyvale garden in 2016 has a lot of citrus: Grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime, tangerine, and the newest attraction: Australian Finger limes.

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Pomegranate Harvest 2015

The harvest of pomegranates from our Sunnyvale garden in 2015 was about half of 2014. Most of it was due to reduced fruit from the drought. We also lost about 8 from animals with incisors (mostly at night).

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Pineapple Guava 2015

Our pineapple guava tree is dropping its fruit a month earlier in 2015. Normally the fruit starts falling in mid-October. See this page for full info. Feijoa, pineapple guava or guavasteen, is a evergreen, small tree known for its spectacular red fleshy flowers in May and its small, tasty, green-skinned fruit in October and November. This plant is attractive to bees, …

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It’s Apricot Time!

We have a large harvest in 2015. The lack of rain resulted in no fungus this year. Our first tree had ripe fruit on June 1 (four weeks early). Our second tree is just now getting ripe (it is on the shady side yard. We are running out of consumption options: fresh, apricot yogurt; apricot tarts; apricot crumbles; apricot juice; …

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Burbank Plum Blossoms

Two of our four plum varieties have blossomed by early March 2015. On our 4-N-1 grafted plum tree, the Santa Rosa variety started mid-February with its thinly spaced blossoms. This week the Burbank variety bloomed with dense sets of flowers. Burbank plum trees were developed by noted plant breeder Luther Burbank in 1883. Prized for its heavy crops of reddish-purple fruit, …

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Plum – Weeping Santa Rosa

Weeping Santa Rosa Plum – semi-dwarf. The Weeping Santa Rosa fruit similar to Santa Rosa, but ripens two weeks later. The Weeping Santa Rosa has beautiful weeping habit making this a remarkable landscape specimen. Also good for espalier as height can be kept to 6-8 feet. Low chill, self-fruitful. Estimated Chilling Requirement 200-400 hours below 45°F Note: In drought years, …

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Dormant Spraying of Apricots

dormant spray for apricots

Apricots are suspectible to several diseases: Brown fungus rot, leaf curl, and bacterial canker. Brown rot is a fungus that appears as a water-soaked lesion on a fruit. This lesion spreads until the whole fruit shrivels up like a gray fuzzy mummy. If the fruit is not removed, the spores of the fungus will drop to the ground during the …

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Winter Garden Activities

tiller at sunnyvale heritage orchard

Winter is short in Sunnyvale: Typically mid-December to mid-February. In historically normal years, it rains for two days and then is clear for 3 days. Most of Sunnyvale’s 12 annual inches fall between November and March. In January there might be one or two cold spells with temperatures below freezing.

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