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Bearss Lime

Bearss limes are a wonderful variety for Sunnyvale that produces fruit in the late fall or early winter. You can grow it in the ground or in a container. If you grow in a container, you normally will select a dwarf rootstock. This variety can also be grown indoors. If growing in the ground, I recommend the semi-dwarf rootstock (because …

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Grapefruit – Oro Blanco

Grapefruit (Citrus x paradisi ‘Oro Blanco’). Productive. Hardy. Long-lived (my tree is over 40 years old). Can be grown in container or small ground area (mine is in a 24-inch trench).   Family: Rutaceae (roo-TAY-see-ee) (Info) Genus: Citrus (SIT-rus) (Info) Species: x paradisi (par-ih-DEE-see) (Info) Cultivar: Oro Blanco   Category: Edible Fruits and Nuts, Trees, Tropicals and Tender Perennials   …

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Orange – Washington Navel

washington navel oranges in december

The Washington Navel Orange is the go-to Sweet Orange.  It is famous for its winter fruits.  The seedless fruit is flavorful, juicy and peels easily.  They hold well on the tree, but will drop early in dry and hot climates. Source: Received as budwood from another Washington navel tree, Riverside, Calif., 1918.   Parentage/origins: Washington navel orange is also known …

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Meyer Lemon

The Meyer lemon, Citrus x meyeri, is a citrus fruit native to China thought to be a cross between a true lemon and either a mandarin or common orange. The Meyer lemon fruit is yellow and rounder than a true lemon. The skin is fragrant and thin. Meyer lemon fruits have a sweeter, less acidic flavor than the more common …

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The tangerine (Citrus tangerina) is an orange-colored citrus fruit that is closely related to the mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata). Tangerines are smaller than common oranges, and are usually easier to peel and to split into segments. The taste is considered less sour, as well as sweeter and stronger, than that of an orange.   A ripe tangerine is firm to …

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