Chicken Mole Poblano

This recipe has no ingredients from our Sunnyvale garden. But it does have a very tasty Mole Poblano Spice Blend from Oaktown Spice Shop that our daughter Shauna gave us for Christmas. Yield: 4 servings Prep: 50 minutes Cook: 1 hour 10 minutes Read More »

Pomegranate Syrup

Happy New Years Day 2017! We had a a fair harvest of pomegranates this past year. For the Christmas Eve dinner party, we opened the last of the fruit and tossed some into the salad. What to do with the leftovers? The answer is Pomegranate syrup. The syrup is sweet and tart. Use the syrup for basting BBQ, flavoring dressings, ... Read More »

Feijoa Habanero Salsa

Feijoa salsa is a great use of the fruit. The tropical aroma and taste of the fruits are complemented by the sweet red onion, the fruity habanero pepper, lemon juice, cilantro and tomatoes. The taste is similar to other fruit salsas like mango, kiwi, or peach. Ingredients: 1 lemon 6 feijoa 1/2 red onion handful of cilantro 1 to 2 ... Read More »

Dehydrated Feijoa

It’s October in our Sunnyvale garden so the feijoa tree (aka pineapple guava) is dropping its fruit. I filled a 4 gallon bucket. The fresh fruit has a great taste but a short shelf life of a few weeks. It does not freeze well. In past years I have shared the fresh fruit with friends, family, co-workers, and interested people ... Read More »

Baked Tomato Sauce

Directions It is peak tomato season (late August). All of the planning and execution is for this. Looking at seed catalogs in the dead of winter. Warming up your seedling trays in February. Transplanting to larger pots in April. Planting in containers in May. We have gotten a lot of tomatoes from our 20 pots. We have eaten them fresh. ... Read More »

Mojo de Ajo – Roasted Garlic in olive oil

I love growing garlic and elephant garlic in my Sunnyvale garden. They are easy to plant; hardy to drought and frost; they produce beautiful flowers (if you let them) and they produce garlic. The harvest process is not difficult but it takes some time: You stop watering the garlic for a few weeks; pull up the plant; let it dry ... Read More »

Dehydrated Apricots

In 2016, after two weeks of watching squirrels and finches sample the fruit, we harvested 24 quarts of Royal Blenheim apricots from the two trees in our Sunnyvale garden. That’s about 3 spaghetti pots full. What to do with 24 quarts of apricots? You do the typical things: Eat them fresh until your body rebels; Give them to family, friends, ... Read More »

Oil-cured olives with white wine and garlic

Mission olives have grown in Santa Clara Valley since 1790. So I harvested the Mission olives from the Campo de Brezo estate (inside joke) in Almaden Valley. I selected the ripe black olives and dry-cured them in kosher salt for two months. Next I oil-cured some of the dry-cured olives with rosemary, orange zest, and olive oil. The flavor is ... Read More »

Green Pork Chile

This Green Pork Chile is a variation on a Bobby Flay recipe.In the summer, when tomatillos and peppers are fresh, I would make the slow salsa. At other times of the year, use the quick salsa. Read More »