April in Our Sunnyvale Garden – 2019

Spring has totally sprung!

Cold-season vegetables: Snow peas planted in January had lots of pods in March and April. Kale was large enough to harvest and make kale chips. Carrots and beets are still growing.

Tomatoes: We cut back this year and only started 48 tomato seedlings in February. I transplanted them to half-gallon pots in March. and transplanted them to their final destination in the last week of April.

Fruit: All the citrus trees (orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, tangerine, finger-lime) bloomed in April. The stone fruits (plum, apricot, cherry, pear) all bloomed.

Annuals: The cool season annuals (pansies and violas) were great this spring but they wilted in the first heat wave. i have replaced them with the warm season annuals (petunias, bacopa, stock).

Bulbs: Spring bulbs were great: Crocus, Hyacinth, Tulip, Spanish Bluebells, Dutch Iris, Bearded Iris, Scilla, Bleeding Heart, Columbine.

Perennials: are doing well. Salvias; Lavender (5 types); Lewisia (new for 2019); Kalanchoe; Yarrow; Mums; Osteosperum; Alkanet; Blue-eyed Grass; Dianthus; Cuphea; Geraniums; Purple potato-vine; Gazania; and Monkey flower (both Mimulus and Diplacus).

Succulents did well this spring. The String-of-Nickels was long blooming.

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