Geranium pyrenaicum ‘Bill Wallis’

Dozens of deep purple-blue blossoms in a small package (15″ tall x 20″). Reliably perennial, it happily self-sows to fill in bare spots with its ever-present color. When the flowers are spent (after months), cut back to 1”, side dress with compost & it’ll burst right back into bloom. BEST in rich soil & half day sun, but not required. Also heat tolerant. The individual flower petals are heart shaped. Often added to pressed-flower pages. Great in containers & perfect under yellow roses. It is a European cultivar; the word “pyrenaicum” meaning “the Pyrennes”.

Some growers urge caution because the plant is an aggressive seeder.

I am growing it in a wide shallow bowl near other low flowers like blue-eyed grass, sweet kate spiderwort, violas and bleeding heart.


First planted; 2017

Nursery: Annies Annual

Nursery: Yamagami of Cupertino


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