Lithodora diffusa ‘Grace Ward’

Gentian blue flowers are the calling card for this vigorous, sun-loving ground cover. Plants first form a 3-6” high mat of soft, dark-green foliage and then come late spring, a parade of intense, dark blue, 1/2” star-shaped flowers. Each of the 5 petals has a darker rib, accentuating its starburst shape. When smothered in flowers, there’s no blue-flowering ground cover that can match its beauty. It is equally at home as an evergreen ground cover for a sunny bed, spilling over a low rock wall or cascading out of a hanging basket. It’s tenacious too, not needing much water or care once established. Even out of bloom, the soft, deep green foliage is a handsome complement to anything around it. Plant in full sun to light shade in fertile, well-drained soil. Trim to shape in early winter. A judicious pruning will stimulate new spring growth. Long lived, popular with bees and deer resistant. Drought tolerant.

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