Lobelia erinus “Fountain Blue”

Lobelia erinus “Fountain Blue”x
This variety of Lobelia has masses of graceful, tumbling azure-blue half inch flowers. It softens the edge of the garden container as well as hanging baskets and window boxes. Blooms forever it seems, as Yoda says, and often lives over here in USDA Zone 10, and always self-sows to grace your gardening world every year. Rich soil for prettiest show! To 6”x6”.
You can also treat this tender perennial as an annual and it functions in the ways that another popular bedding plant functions: sweet alyssum (Lobularia maritima). But lobelia comes in more colors than sweet alyssum and is more versatile because it performs better across a spectrum of sunlight conditions ranging from full sun to partial shade.
Lobelia does not require a lot of maintenance. It does not need to be deadheaded because the plant self-cleans. Nor do deer tend to eat it. Lobelia does, however, tend to decline if subjected to full sun during very hot summers. If this happens to your plant, you can revive it by cutting it back and then providing water on a regular basis.

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