March in our Sunnyvale garden 2020

Our Sunnyvale garden in March 2020 was filled with flowers. Spring blossoms on the crabapple, plum, apricot, and orange, lemon, lime, and nectarine trees. Spring bulbs like Crocus, Columbine, Sweet Kate, Scilla, Freesias, Grape-Hyacinth, Hyacinth, Sparaxis, Tulips, Daffodils, Dutch Iris, Armeria, Blue-eyed Grass, and Spanish Bluebell. Spring vegetables like snow-peas. Excellent cool-season annuals with Violas and Pansies. Spring annuals like Marigolds and Gerbera. Rainy-season perennials like Cyclamen, India Hawthorne, Lewisia, Verbinium, Geranium, Rosemary, Strawflower, Jerusalem Sage, Wisteria, Salvia, Strawflower,and Lavender. Lots of foliage on the Amaryllis. Lots of Naturtiums. Lots of flowers on new succulents. Early flowers on summer perennials like Cuphea, Alygoyne and Lantana. Early flowers on volunteer tomato plants. Buds forming on volunteer sunflowers.

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