This Sunnyvale Garden – May 2017

May in the Sunnyvale garden is always full. the citrus trees have finished their blossoms and the small green fruits are showing. The flowers transition from spring to summer. The apricots are larger but still green. Tomato plants are full of blossoms and green small fruits. Artichokes can be harvested twice this month. Unripe blackberry fruits are everywhere.

Godetia, mega monkeyflower, artichokes, Bill Wallis geranium, Salpiglossis, coral bells, foxglove, scorpionweed, begonia, lavendar, bowervine, poppies, bearded iris, amarylis, cream cups

20170601_artichokesmega-monkey-flower-lggerman-catchfly-potpink-german-catchflycoral-bell-leavescoral-bellssalpiglossisbill-wallissanta cruz begonia 2017phacelia-californicafoxglovebegoniablue-iriscal-poppiesbowervinelavendarxmas-amaranthcreamcup

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