Ursinia anthemoides “Solar Fire”

Floriferous, fast and easy it’s amazing this South African annual isn’t more popular in the trade and with garden designers. Quickly growing to 15” tall and wide, it explodes into a mass of sunny, golden blooms that last for months. With a rich, shiny maroon ring encircling the central golden eye, the 2.5” flowers are eye-fetching held atop the rich green mound of ferny foliage. Combine this high performance annual with gentian blue Anagallis monellii for striking color contrast. Heat and drought tolerant once established, Ursinia anthemoides will easily self-sow for many return engagements. Here in USDA Zone 10 it can be planted at any time of the year (blooming shortly thereafter) and makes a good Winter bloomer too. Excellent in a container too – at least 10” across. Rich, well-drained soil for best show

New for our Sunnyvale garden in 2022…We bought ours from Annies Annual nursery in Richmond CA.

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