Gala apple

Apple – Gala

Gala have a mild and sweet flavor. Gala apples ranked at number 2 in 2006 on the US Apple Association’s list of most popular apples, after Red Delicious and before Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, and Fuji (in order). For small Sunnyvale gardens I would recommend a dwarf variety. I got my tree from Four Winds Growers. I have it growing in a very large plastic pot (28 inches wide by 24 inches tall = 20 gallons). My tree is currently 12 years old.

Gala apple flowers
Appearance and flavor
Gala apples are small and are usually red with a portion being greenish or yellow-green, vertically striped. Gala apples are fairly resistant to bruising and are sweet, grainy, with a mild flavor and a thinner skin than most apples. Quality indices include firmness, crispness, and sweetness. Gala apples are sweet and aromatic, with a size that fits nicely into a child’s hands. They can be added to salads or cooked, and are especially suitable for creating sauces.

The first Gala apple tree was one of many seedlings resulting from a cross between a Golden Delicious and a Kidd’s Orange Red planted in New Zealand in the 1930s by orchardist J.H. Kidd. Donald W. McKenzie, an employee of Stark Bros Nursery, obtained a US plant patent for the cultivar on October 15, 1974.

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