Cilantro – Caribe

Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum). Used for fresh green foliage, edible flowers that attract beneficial insects, and coriander-its dried seeds. Produces lots of excellent eating foliage with great flavor. A preferred strain of cilantro providing essential flavoring in Indian, Chinese, North African and Latin American cooking. The perfect accent to soups, salsas and bean dishes.Grows to 2′. Make successive plantings in well-drained soil and keep watered for lush leaf production. 55 days.

Longstanding; was only beginning to flower on July 9. Annual grows to 2′ with whitish blooms. Make succession plantings in average well-drained soil and keep watered for lushest leaf production. Thin early. In warm locations, like Sunnyvale, the cilantro will stand longest as a fall crop.

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