Drip Irrigation

It is possible to water most of your Sunnyvale garden using drip irrigation. Our Bahl patio home has 3 external faucets: One in the front yard, one in the courtyard, and one in the backyard. We installed Y-connectors on the 3 faucets: We connect a hose to one connector and a drip timer to the other.

Front yard


We used only 1/4 inch tubing in the courtyard because there is no need for the larger 1/2 tubing. Our courtyard had 4 concrete slabs with a cross pattern of wood planks. I removed the wood. I dug a few inches down and replaced the soil with sand. I ran the 1/2 inch tubing through the sand. I use ceramic tiles that simulate stone.

Back yard

From the single backyard facuet, I run 1/2 tubing around the perimeter of the property (about 100 feet). I run 1/2 tubing from the main line to pots and ground areas. I choose between 1/4 Gallons-Per-Minute (GPM) emitters and 1/2 GPM emitters. On wider pots, I may use a T-splitter to have multiple emitters for a pot. Also I use T-splitters for servicing multiple pots near our apricot tree.