Garden Resources

This Sunnyvale Garden – March 2016

February 2016 was warm and dry. There was a lot of weeding. Mostly mustard and grass. Finally, this first weekend in March, the forecast is for heavy rain for the next week. And by heavy I mean two to four inches (which is a lot for Sunnyvale because it averages only 15 inches a year). I refreshed all my hanging …

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Emma Prusch Farm Park

Emma Prusch Farm Park is a 43.5 acre (176,000 m²) park in East San Jose, CA. Donated by Emma Prusch to the City of San Jose in 1962 to use to demonstrate the valley’s agricultural past, it includes a 4-H barn (the largest in San Jose), community gardens, a rare-fruit orchard, demonstration gardens, picnic areas, and expanses of lawn. The …

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Santa Clara Valley Beekeepers Guild

Logo Beekeepers Guild

The Santa Clara Valley Beekeepers Guild is dedicated to beekeeping and helping non-beekeepers understand bees in and around the Santa Clara Valley. The valley comprises San Jose California, the surrounding cities,and parts of Santa Clara County. Their membership also includes those from nearby Santa Cruz and the areas in-between.

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Charles Street Gardens

Charles Street Gardens is Sunnyvale’s first community garden. It is a one-acre organic community garden located in the heart of Sunnyvale, CA. Charles Street Gardens consists of 92 garden plots available to Sunnyvale residents, as well as a Food Forest project that grows food for hungry families, and a demonstration garden maintained by the Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County. …

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