Tomato – Indian Moon

A Navajo heirloom. Good production of beautiful, blemish free, medium-sized, 6-8 oz., golden-globed, meaty and flavorful fruit. Days: 75 Size: Indeterminate Color: Yellow-Orange Season: Mid-Season Type: Heirloom Purchased from

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Tomato – Indigo Apple

Indigo Apple tomato

Indigo Apple is an extraordinary tomato. An eye catcher, to say the least. Related to the now famed OSU Blue Fruit tomato. TomatoFest seeds produce sprawling indeterminate plants that produce beautiful pendant clusters of 3-4 oz., tomatoes deep purple to black colors (caused by high levels of anthocyanin…a naturally occurring anti-oxidant found in blueberries.) The gradual color changes appearing in …

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Tomato – Grandfather Martino

Grandfather Martino seeds were sent to Gary Ibsen in 2009 to include in their TomatoFest trials. The person sent Gary Ibsen these seeds with a note of its history within his family for more than 50 years as their favorite tomato. They have grown this tomato for the past several years and have found it wonderful red/pink, 1-2 lb, lobed …

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Tomato – Stupice

Stupice Tomato

This potato-leaf heirloom from Czechoslovakia is a cold-tolerant tomato that bears an abundance of very sweet, flavorful 2 to 3-inch, deep red fruit. A 1988 comparative tasting in the San Francisco area gave it first place for its wonderful sweet/acid, tomatoey flavor and production. Days: 52 Size: Indeterminate Color: Red Season: Very Early Season Type: Heirloom First planted by J. …

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Tomato – Alaska

alaska tomato

An heirloom tomato from Russia. (Aljaska is Russian spelling). These organic tomato seeds produce short to medium-sized, bushy plants. This is an early-producing tomato plant that yields lots of large, round, brilliant red, ‘salad-type’ cherry tomatoes with very good flavor. This is a favorite tomato variety for cooler growing climates. I have friends who prefer this tomato variety for their …

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Tomato – Aurora

Aurora tomato

Aurora Tomato Seeds from Siberia is named for the Aurora Borealis. Compact, bushy, determinate plants produce impressively heavy crops of 4-6 oz., red, round, blemish-free, oblate tomatoes with acidic but delicious tomatoey flavors. Produces well in cooler climates, coastal climates or high altitudes, in the field, in the greenhouse or containers. An excellent choice for a heavy producing early tomato …

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Tomato – Bison

Bison tomato

Old fashioned American favorite heirloom tomato that was developed by Dr. A. F. Yeager of North Dakota University and was listed by Oscar H. Will & Co. in 1937. TomatoFest organic seeds produce dwarf, compact, determinate plants that were listed in the McFayden Seed Catalog as a “self-pruning,” and needing no staking. Plants produce huge amounts of 2-3″, red, round …

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Tomato – Pride of Flanders

This unique determinate variety was developed by Tom Wagner around 2000 and named it at the tomato festival in Haveskerque in northern France in 2008. These TomatoFest organic seeds produce short compact plants that yield abundant bunches of 1 1/4 inch, unusual and beautiful purple-black cherry tomatoes that are distinctly tart. A novelty tomato that is sure to surprise your …

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Tomato – Nicholas Doochav

These TomatoFest organic tomato seeds produce big leafy, indeterminate plants that yield big crops of 10-14 oz., red, round fruits that have well balanced sweet flavors with a big clean acidic finish. A good all-purpose tomato especially good as a canning tomato. A Russian heirloom tomato. Seeds sent to Gary Ibsen by Rusian Doochov from the Ukraine a 4th generation …

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