Sun and Water

A major challenge for gardening in a Bahl Patio home is sunlight. Your south-facing walls may get 14 hours of sunlight during the summer. Your north-facing walls may only get 6 hours. The narrow sideyard walls may only get a few hours of direct sunlight. Use your south facing walls for plants and crops that crave sunlight: such as tomatoes …

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Native plants

Native plants such as poppy or ceanthus, sollicitudin volutpat at libero litora, non adipiscing. Nulla nunc porta lorem, nascetur pede massa mauris lectus lectus, in magnis, praesent turpis. Ut wisi luctus ullamcorper. Et ullamcorper sollicitudin elit odio consequat mauris, wisi velit tortor semper vel feugiat dui, ultricies lacus. Congue mattis luctus, quam orci mi semper ligula eu dui, purus etiam …

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Question: When are your apricots ripe? Answer: The day the squirrels discover them. Squirrels and Humans find many of the same fruits delicious. Squirrels will eat most stone fruits (apricots, cherries, plums, etc). Also apples, pears, tomatoes. You look out of your kitchen window and see the squirrel eating your apricot on the back wall. Or you will see a …

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