This Sunnyvale Garden – September 2017

watermelon-blossomSeptember in our Sunnyvale garden is all about harvest. I planted an heirloom watermelon “Moon and the Stars” late in the spring. I love that the “Moon and the Stars” pattern is in the leaves.





watermelon-unslicedAt harvest time, the melon had grown over the pot to the ground about six feet away and got to about 5 pounds. The “Moon and the Stars” pattern is on the rind.





watermelon-slicedIt was a tasty melon. I have saved the seeds for next year.








h0-hatchI love chile peppers. So when I saw a hand-printed sign selling Hatch peppers by the case then I made an impulse buy. For more info, visitHatch Green Chile Sauce





chicken-enchiladasThe first dish I made with the Hatch Green Sauce was Chicken Enchiladas. Muy sabroso.





rice-frittataMy second dish with the Hatch Green Sauce was a Rice Frittata







scarlet-beansAnother late spring planting were Scarlet Runner Beans. The flowers are pretty. The beans are colorful, tasty, and the leftovers can be planted next year.





harvest-relish2 What to do with the last of the season tomatoes that will never get ripe? Harvest Relish






lots of peppersI planted a Vietnamese chile pepper in mid April. As advertised, it was a late season pepper. Look at all those peppers. It is a thin walled pepper best for stir-fry or allowed to dry and then ground into powder. This pepper has some bite to it.

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