Mission Figs – Fall 2016

In 2016, our Black Mission fig tree is having a bumper fall crop. Here is the first partial harvest. I am not sure the reason why.

mission-fig-2016-treeAbout ten years ago I planting a young tree in a tall ceramic pot (about 20 gallons). I have been watering the fig tree more regularly (using drip irrigation). It has also received more fertilizer. A neighbor two doors down as a larger mission fig tree planted in the ground (we might be getting cross-pollination). It may also be scared that I tried grafting other scions on to it:)

In prior years our harvest was later in the fall (often October or November). In 2016 the harvest is beginning in August. Thanks to its bountiful harvest under constrained conditions, I will give it an upgrade: I will remove the ultra-dwarf Gala apple tree from its 50 gallon pot and replace it with the fig tree.mission-fig-2016-harvest1


I am thinking bufala mozzarella and figs with a splash of balsamic vinegar.mission-fig-2016-split

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