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Hibiscus rosa-sinensis,  Chinese hibiscus, China rose, Hawaiian hibiscus, and shoe flower,[ is a species of flowering plant in the Hibisceae tribe of the family Malvaceae, native to East Asia. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis was named by Carolus Linnaeus. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is a bushy, evergreen shrub or small tree growing 2.5–5 m (8–16 ft) tall and 1.5–3 m (5–10 ft) wide, with glossy ... Read More »


Clematis   Family: Ranunculaceae (ra-nun-kew-LAY-see-ee) (Info) Genus: Clematis (KLEM-uh-tiss) (Info) Cultivar: ?   Synonym:Clematis x ?   Height: 10-12 ft. (3-3.6 m)   Spacing: 4-6 ft. (1.2-1.8 m)   Hardiness: USDA Zone 4a: to -34.4 °C (-30 °F) USDA Zone 4b: to -31.6 °C (-25 °F) USDA Zone 5a: to -28.8 °C (-20 °F) USDA Zone 5b: to -26.1 °C ... Read More »


Plumbago can be grown as a bush or a climber-vine. Plumbago got its name because it was believed to combat lead-poisoning. The Latin word for Lead is Plumb (for example: plumbing equals lead pipes). You don’t need much room – I was able to plant it in a 3-inch trench next to a wall. Every winter I cut it back to ... Read More »

Red Trumpet Vine

Red Trumpet vine has lots of pretty red flowers. I am warning you that it is an aggressive climber. You can see an example at the intersection of Matilda and Sunnyvale-Saratoga Road. Another example is on the south side of Sunnyvale-Saratoga Road past Fremont just past the Falefal-stop restaurant. I have a plant growing in a 3-inch wide trench and ... Read More »