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Grevillea lanigera

New to our Sunnyvale garden in 2019 is Grevillea lanigera – A low, dense ground cover/shrub to grows to 2 feet tall and 4 feet wide with small, narrow gray-green foliage that is soft and woolly. I have planted ours in a tall container with the hope that the long branches will hang. The cream and pink flower clusters form …

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Phlomis fruticosa

New to our Sunnyvale garden in 2018, this Mediterranean native adds texture and summer color to the landscape with minimal care. Whorls of butter-yellow flowers contrast with woolly, silver-grey leaves on a dense shrub-like form. Plant this sun-loving, water-wise perennial as a border accent or mass on a sunny slope for a dramatic effect. Despite its name, it is actually …

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Cotyledon is a genus of 10 species of perennial shrubby leaf and stem succulents with numerous varieties and cultivars. Mostly from Southern Africa, they also occur throughout the drier parts of Africa as far north as the Arabian peninsula. This particular cotyledon is growing in a succulent sampler pot only 4 inches deep. Members of the genus are shrublets, generally …

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Looking for a drought tolerant but lovely flower to fill in a troublesome dry area in your Sunnyvale garden? You may want to try planting ice plants. Ice plant flowers add a bright splash of color to the drier parts of your garden and ice plant care is easy. Ice plant (Delosperma) is a succulent, perennial ground cover with daisy-like …

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Barrel Cactus Flowers 2015

Our barrel cactus is flowering! Our barrel cactus in Sunnyvale is 30 years old. It now measures 14 inches wide by 11 inches tall. It started in a 4-inch pot. Echinocactus grusonii, popularly known as the Golden Barrel Cactus is a well known species of cactus, and is endemic to east-central Mexico. The plants do have some basic requirements; an …

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Australian Finger Lime

australian finger limes

Australian Finger Limes ripen in fall or winter in California, and have a flavor reminiscent of true limes. The fruit is sometimes referred to as “citrus caviar” because the small round interior vesicles pop in your mouth with tart lime flavor. Chefs the world over are finding creative uses for Australian Finger Limes, which add unique texture and a special …

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