Tomato – Aussie Heart 2015

This year, 2015, has been a poor year for tomatoes. The Aussie Heart plant produced two tomatoes. The one featured here topped out at 10 ounces. It is an excellent meaty tomato. We added it to a BCLT salad (Bacon, Chicken, Lettuce and Tomato).

The smaller tomatoes are Slava.

These tomato seeds were passed to the late Joe Thieneman, a nurseryman from Louisville, Kentucky by an Australian during WWII. Joe grew it continuously thereafter and to this day, his family still grows it and sells plants in their nursery. These organic tomato seeds produce large, indeterminate, regular-leaf tomato plants that are moderate to heavy producers of HUGE, red, 1 lb. meaty, heart-shaped tomatoes that are filled with wonderful, complex and well-balanced sweet flavors, with just enough acid to have you grateful for the experience. A good showplace tomato and perfect for slicing into sandwiches and salads and making tomato sauce. Rare tomato seeds. TomatoFest is one of the only commercial opportunities to obtain this seed.

Days: 78
Size: Indeterminate
Color: Red
Season: Mid-Season
Type: Heirloom
First planted by J Novicki: 2014

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