Tomato – Violet Jasper

Violet Jasper is a unique cultivar from China. First offered at Seed Savers 2009 Yearbook by Hristo Hristov of Bulgaria as Tzi Bi U. Produces large, sturdy, regular leaf plants that yields clusters of jewel-like, 1-3 oz., smooth, purplish-red tomatoes with iridescent green streaks and a dark-purple red flesh. Fruit starts out with darker green stripes on typical unripe tomato green, and as they mature, the dark green stripes become slightly opalescent as the flesh darkens. I value this unique variety not as much for taste as for its ornamental quality. Rare tomato seeds.

Days: 78

Size: Indeterminate

Color: Bi-colored

Season: Mid-Season

Type: heirloom

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