Russian Ridge – Mindego Hill

The Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve is known for its showy display of wildflowers in spring. In summer, the hills turn to gold with the late evening sunlight. Autumn, when the fog recedes, is the ideal time to enjoy the ridge views of San Francisco Bay, the Santa Cruz Mountains, and the Pacific Ocean through the crisp, clean air. Winter storms occasionally dust the top of the hills with snow.rr02

Diverse plant communities, miles of forest edge, and abundant springs make Russian Ridge an outstanding habitat for wildlife. Large numbers of raptors soar over the lush grasslands, and coyotes patrol the ridges. The steep forested canyons create a secure refuge for a tremendous variety of animals.

Directions: Drive to the intersection of Skyline and Page Mill Road. The main parking lot is there. The Mindego Hill lot is one mile west.

rr03rr04The Mindego Hill Trail provides a 2.2-mile opportunity for hikers and equestrians to connect the new Mindego Parking Lot to the summit of Mindego Hill. The Mindego Hill Trail is currently the only area on Midpen land where trail users will be able to hike through areas where there is active cattle grazing.

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