Climbing Aloe

Climbing Aloe (Aloiampelos ciliaris) is a fast-growing succulent from the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

It’s named “ciliaris” due to the white, hair-like teeth appearing around the edges of the leaves and stems. Aloiampelos ciliaris belongs to the aloiampelos genus, which includes six other species of climbing aloe plants. Aloe ciliaris plants are part of the Asphodelaceae family.

Aloiampelos Ciliaris Care

Size and Growth

  • Climbing aloe produces thin stems and leaves.
  • The thin stems shoot upward and are anchored by fleshy leaves.
  • The leaves and stems are green and covered in soft hairs.
  • Hair-like teeth appear along the margins of the leaves and on the stems near the base of the leaves.
  • The leaves are recurved, creating a hook shape allowing the plant to anchor itself on other vegetation.
  • Without pruning, the plant may eventually reach 8′ to 12′ feet in length.


The tall stems of Aloe ciliaris produce large orange-red flowers at the end of the fall season.

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