Meet the new pot – Same as the old pot

giant-fig-pot-medThis is a photo of a YUGE pot. It holds 66 gallons. For 15 years it held an apple tree but neither the tree nor the pot were satisfied: We rarely got apples. Admitting defeat, I discarded the apple tree; repainted the pot to The Sky Is The Limit Blue; and re-potted our Black Mission Fig tree. This was a YUGE effort: The repainting took 4 spray-cans of paint; the fig tree had to be coaxed from its 30 gallon ceramic pot using a Christmas tree saw; then dragged on a tarp to its new home; then add 10 gallons of soil to the YUGE pot; lay it on it side; slide the confused fig into the pot; tilt upright (with help of my lovely assistant); and adjust using another 20 gallons of soil. I then trued the trunk with a pole with hand-painted green lizards edged with white. If you look closely at the 8×10 photo to the right, you can see the last remaining black mission fig of 2016.

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