backyard before and after a pool conversion

Turn Your Swimming Pool into a Backyard

We used to have a pool in the backyard of our Bahl Patio home. In fact, the pool was the yard. There was about 2 feet of concrete and coping between the pool and the walls.

We decided to fill in the pool. For cost reasons, we did not remove the coping

Get the permits
clear the side yard
Drain the pool
Increase the side entrance
Disable the gas line for the pool
Disable the electricity for the pool
Disable the water lines for the pool
Demolish the shed around the pump, heater, and filter
Jackhammer 2 foot holes in 3 locations in the pool bottom and spa bottom
Have 60 cubic yards of sand delivered to the street(a hill the size of a swimming pool)
Rent a 1/3 cubic yard scoop tractor
Run 180 trips (60 yards x 1/3 yd scoop) back and forth from the street to the pool
Compact the sand during the process.
Build a wooden wall the width of the pool about half the distance (to enable driving on the sand)
Have 10 cubic yards of soil delivered
Run 30 trips
After a period of time, remove some of the soil and install a lawn.
Plant an apricot tree in the spa
Plant a cherry tree in the deep end of the pool

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