Goji berry

Goji Berry plant

Goji is a sprawling shrub with long, flexible canes and clusters of small, grey-green leaves. The flowers are a brilliant royal purple and they appear in late spring/early summer along the length of the canes. They give way to juicy, bright red fruits that resemble small peppers. They grow sweeter as they mature on the plant. Goji plants continue to …

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Early White Vienna Kohlrabi. Grows best and tastes sweeter when grown in cold weather. Plant in winter in Sunnyvale. For continuous harvest, plant every two weeks. Sow in full sun for two weeks before last frost date. Keep evenly moist. Harvest bulbs when they reach about two to three inches in width. Seed depth: 1/2 inch Plant spacing: 6 inches …

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Oldest Sunnyvale Resident

abalone shell

He was about 40 years old. He had osteoporosis. He was buried with his bling. He was buried 5,590 years ago. As part of the funeral, he was stained with red In 2000, deep construction excavation in downtown Sunnyvale exposed a Native American burial with grave artifacts and a MC date of 5590 cal BP. The artifacts included round Olivella …

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McClellan Ranch Preserve

McClellan Ranch Park

McClellan Ranch Park is a 23-acre (93,000 m2) public park located in the Monta Vista neighborhood of Cupertino that still retains its rural ranch look. It used to be a horse ranch owed by the McClellan family in the 1930s, and still preserves the original ranch house, a working milk barn and livestock barn, a replica of Baer’s Blacksmith Shop,originally …

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Panna Cotta with Coconut and Pomegranate

Panna Cotta is a rich and elegant dessert for a winter holiday dinner. In this presentation, the panna cotta is served in dessert glasses garnished with shredded coconut and homegrown pomegranate arils. Ingredients 1 tablespoon powdered gelatin 1 (15-ounce) can coconut cream (recommended: Coco Loco) 1 (13.5-ounce) can coconut milk 2 cups chilled heavy cream 1/4 cup confectioners’ sugar Pomegranate …

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Oaks of California

Book - Oaks of Califonia

An informative book with many gorgeous color images. by Bruce M. Pavlik, Pamela C. Muick, Sharon G. Johnson, and Margjorie Popper Cachuma Press 1991

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Charles Street Gardens

Charles Street Gardens is Sunnyvale‚Äôs first community garden. It is a one-acre organic community garden located in the heart of Sunnyvale, CA. Charles Street Gardens consists of 92 garden plots available to Sunnyvale residents, as well as a Food Forest project that grows food for hungry families, and a demonstration garden maintained by the Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County. …

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Australian Finger Lime

australian finger limes

Australian Finger Limes ripen in fall or winter in California, and have a flavor reminiscent of true limes. The fruit is sometimes referred to as “citrus caviar” because the small round interior vesicles pop in your mouth with tart lime flavor. Chefs the world over are finding creative uses for Australian Finger Limes, which add unique texture and a special …

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Seedling Heat Mat

Use a seedling heating mat to improve the germination of your seeds. These pads are specially made for use with growing seeds, giving the correct temperature while avoiding the danger of using a home heating pad with damp soil and spilled water. Read the seed packet to find the correct timing for planting the seeds. Each variety of seeds will …

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English Lavender

English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is easy to grow in Sunnyvale gardens. It has modest water needs and can grow in small areas (once established). My lavender plant is in a two-foot wide trench excavated one foot deep in clay. Fresh lavender flowers may be used in sauces, marinades, and desserts. Handle fragile dried blossoms with care and use them in …

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