Oregon Gardens

For twenty-five years I drove every summer up to Seattle for a bicycle vacation. And every year I would pass the road signs to Oregon Gardens. This year I visited them. They are 20 miles off the interstate in the small town of Silverton. You travel on scenic country roads to get there. The Oregon Gardens is similar to Butchart …

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Año Nuevo State Park

Año Nuevo Point was named on January 3, 1603, over 400 years ago, by Father Antonio de la Ascension, chaplain for the Spanish maritime explorer Don Sebastian Vizcaíno. The Quiroste, a group of Ohlone Indians, lived here at least on a seasonal basis in order to hunt, fish, and gather abalone and other shellfish from the sea. The Quiroste were …

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El Corte de Madera OSP

The Methuselah Tree. Over the years, I have bicycled and drove on Skyline Blvd a couple hundred times and I never saw this tree that is right off the road. It’s 14 feet in diameter, 44 feet in circumference, and 137 feet tall. It is 1800 years old.

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In late spring and early summer, streets are awash with the magnificent purple-blue blooms of jacarandas (Jacaranda mimosifolia). As well as being superb street trees, jacarandas look stunning on their own as a specimen tree in an open lawn, where their fallen flowers form a colorful carpet of blue. My Sunnyvale garden has no room for the jacaranda but beyond …

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Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve

The serpentine grasslands of Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve are famous for their magnificent displays of wildflowers each spring. The park’s location, within easy access to Interstate 280 and Edgewood Road, makes this beautiful display readily accessible to the population centers of the San Francisco Peninsula. The Park’s 467 acres of woodlands and grasslands afford wonderful hiking and sightseeing opportunities. …

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Emma Prusch Farm Park

Emma Prusch Farm Park is a 43.5 acre (176,000 m²) park in East San Jose, CA. Donated by Emma Prusch to the City of San Jose in 1962 to use to demonstrate the valley’s agricultural past, it includes a 4-H barn (the largest in San Jose), community gardens, a rare-fruit orchard, demonstration gardens, picnic areas, and expanses of lawn. The …

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Oldest Sunnyvale Resident

abalone shell

He was about 40 years old. He had osteoporosis. He was buried with his bling. He was buried 5,590 years ago. As part of the funeral, he was stained with red In 2000, deep construction excavation in downtown Sunnyvale exposed a Native American burial with grave artifacts and a MC date of 5590 cal BP. The artifacts included round Olivella …

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McClellan Ranch Preserve

McClellan Ranch Park

McClellan Ranch Park is a 23-acre (93,000 m2) public park located in the Monta Vista neighborhood of Cupertino that still retains its rural ranch look. It used to be a horse ranch owed by the McClellan family in the 1930s, and still preserves the original ranch house, a working milk barn and livestock barn, a replica of Baer’s Blacksmith Shop,originally …

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Rancho San Antonio OSP

black tail deer

Rancho San Antonio is one of the Bay Area’s most popular parks. On a nice summer day there’s a continuous stream of people on the main road to Deer Hollow Farm, and even on the challenging 8-mile PG&E Trail there’s a group of hikers or joggers every 1 or 2 minutes. It’s often said that the park is overcrowded, but …

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