disk-shaped hummingbird feeder

Hummingbird Feeders

I have tried several types of hummingbird feeders. The key issues are ease of cleaning and preventing other critters from interfering. Avoid feeders that have to be cleaned with special bottle-brushes.

Hummingbird Water

The basic recipe is pour 1/4 cup dry measure of plain sugar into a 1-cup liquid measuring cup; Add filtered water. Scale this recipe for the size of your feeder.

  • Important: use plain sugar. No colorings or additives
  • The ratio of sugar to water is important. Too little sugar fails to provide adequate nutrition.
  • Use filtered water. Tap water is chlorinated. A simple Britta filter will improve the quality.

The disadvantages of the feeder below are:

  • The small opening to the bottle requires bottle-brushes
  • Larger birds like orioles pry off the yellow screens or just knock the whole red bottom off


This glass feeder has the disadvantage of getting hot in the sun.



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