autumn leaves on ground

Second Line of Defense – Prevention Strategies

Most of the defensive actions discussed here are organic remedies for a host of diseases and animal pests.

  • Plant Maintenance
  • Avoid deep planting
  • Water from below
  • Water before noon
  • Don’t work around or touch wet plants
  • Don’t touch healthy plants after working with diseased plants
  • Avoid high-nitrogren fertilizers
  • Feed the soil with compost
  • Mulch in spring and fall
  • Control weeds
  • Remove rotting or dead leaves, stalks, weds, and plants
  • Move piles of wood and garden debris
  • Don’t allow stagnant pools of water
  • Disinfect pools periodically
  • Shade plants in extremely hot weather
  • Protect plants from freezes
  • Promptly harvest fruits and vegetables
  • Remove plants immediately after harvest
  • Always remove and destroy infected or diseased leaves, canes, or the entire plant when necessary
  • Undertake fall cultivation

Helpful supports and devices:
Trellises, stakes, a-frames, tepees
Row covers
Wire cages, stakes, and water-based white paint
Electrical fences and other barriers

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